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Friday, July 6, 2007

Executions → Castration of the African tribesmen

Apparently this African tribesmen was an enemy captive. He tried to run away to avoid his being castrated.

Video: Download "castration_african_tribesmen.wmv"

Castration was the punishment for abduction, armed robbery, and treason in ancient China as well.

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2012-01-31 16:35:08

2012-01-25 01:20:23

Its very horror dangerous and khatarnak dangerous very danger
2011-12-02 16:35:45

Emily nobody likes a nigger lover and Josh there
is a Hugh difference between circumcision and
castration. Castration is the removal of the testis,
which leaves you sterile and impotent and
circumcision is simply clipping the foreskin so you
don't have a bacteria carrying dog dick,
circumcision is common practice castration is
horrible unless it is preformed on people that we
do not need to reproduce.
2011-11-16 23:46:45

er that was a penectomy not castration
2011-10-29 00:02:46

I he did what deserve that. because in some African countries adultery is not allowed
2011-10-22 20:04:02

Hope whatever he did was worth it. Ouch.
2011-08-29 22:30:32

The village people were probable yealous of his penis size, so they had to cut it off...
2011-08-23 19:34:19

Jeriko it would b the other way around for you
2011-06-30 11:08:10

abah weureu
what the hell......
2011-06-15 20:39:41

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