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Friday, July 6, 2007

Executions → Castration of the African tribesmen

Apparently this African tribesmen was an enemy captive. He tried to run away to avoid his being castrated.

Video: Download "castration_african_tribesmen.wmv"

Castration was the punishment for abduction, armed robbery, and treason in ancient China as well.

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i believe, thats a fake, well done. But if it would be really, than there would be much more blood! imagine that the knife is cutting in a penis: after the first deep cut there would spreed the blood, i mean!!! and you can see there the knife cutting through the half cock and the knife is clean, no bleed streams out of the fresh cut!!
this cant be trew!!
2009-03-14 21:27:39

i best wishes to you.
2009-03-11 03:04:10

They cut his dick off!! For a male castration generally means to cut off the balls. Cutting off a person's dick often will cause death due to excessive bleeding unless medical help is obtained soon after. I noticed someone seemed to be holding pressure on the nub.
2009-02-03 20:34:52

for a rapist, yes...but............
2009-01-12 03:38:36

manute bol
2009-01-06 04:33:32

lol that's the best punishment for a raper
2008-12-31 17:27:43

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