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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Accident → Boeing 737 emergency landing in water... on a beach

This is the amaizing video of Boeing 737 emergency landing in water. It happened in Cyprus in April 2008.

Video: Download "boeing.wmv"

Fortunately, everybody survived. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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And later that day the same pilots landed
another of the company's jets on an aircraft
carrier that happened to be in the area. The
cause of both incidents was attributed to the
gulibillity of the general public. "If it's on the
internet it has to be true, the internet never
lies" state the pilot in the video.
2012-10-28 20:22:43

Super fast turnabout! No waves! So very real!
2012-08-16 12:09:06

Get your facts right guys, first of all
this is not in Cyprus and secondly its an
advert for a dutch travel company.
2012-03-05 06:12:00

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c2KDT6 Received the letter. I agree to exchange the articles.
2011-09-30 00:43:43

About as real as a three dollar bill.
2011-08-18 04:41:07

its scarry but somehow the pilots are good thats why they manages to land it to the water.
2011-07-15 12:59:40

2011-07-05 01:31:10

reaper man44
you got to be fuckin kiddidng me ,this shit video is for a fuckin travel comercial.
2011-05-31 11:31:11

ㅇ+ ㅜ + ㅅ = 웃
ㅎ+ ㅜ + ㅅ = 훗
2011-05-09 10:52:44

2011-05-09 10:51:37

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