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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Accident → Boeing 737 emergency landing in water... on a beach

This is the amaizing video of Boeing 737 emergency landing in water. It happened in Cyprus in April 2008.

Video: Download "boeing.wmv"

Fortunately, everybody survived. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Wow, that Boeing can turn like a JET!
2010-03-27 16:18:47

the more things i look at on this site the more fakery i find.
2010-03-27 14:51:01

This is a FAKE!!
This was a Spot for a Airline for Holyday!! You can see by Youtube!!!
2010-02-19 01:41:47

This plane can't turn like this...
2010-02-17 22:55:47

actually it's not fake. It was a hijacked aircraft which
ran out of fuel and had to ditch in the ocean. Oh, and
hardly anybody survived.
2010-02-10 17:38:37

Fake, Clear Fake.
2010-02-09 22:30:22

Pete hardcase
fucking shite Donald.
2010-02-01 03:11:08

This was real, I was on board!
2010-01-13 05:26:13

Charon Boat - FAKE
Charon boat does have some legitimate images/videos, but a lot of fake shit is posted!
2009-12-11 00:32:00

ФУФЕЛЛЛ!!!! Хватитит постить всякую хрень!!!постите нормальное правдивое мясо!!!
2009-11-24 18:30:26

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