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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Accident → Boeing 737 emergency landing in water... on a beach

This is the amaizing video of Boeing 737 emergency landing in water. It happened in Cyprus in April 2008.

Video: Download "boeing.wmv"

Fortunately, everybody survived. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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Lady Di
It is a commercial from a travelagency in Nederland:
watch it on you tube
2009-01-16 11:31:29

i did a search and there is no reference to this crash.

2009-01-10 11:32:21

it might be fake yeah, but it's great though. landing on the sea must be such a thraumathic experience when it is real of course.
2009-01-02 17:00:48

yea it seen fake. if plane falls in sea there should be more water jumping up :P and this plane flies over those people and those people must fly back because of the wind from engines. also after plane passed over those people and hotel it turns back very fastly :)
2008-12-29 14:10:15

Lucky Pilot, But this looks a bit fake though
2008-12-29 12:36:59

Max Power
Yeaaah right! This clip is from a brazilian commercial (I can't remember the product)
2008-12-28 10:06:46

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