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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Accident → Girl died in a car accident

This unhappy girl hit a light pole at the speedd of 110 mph while driving a BMW sport car. We want to believe she died instantly. It happened in August 2008 (San Paolo, Brazil).

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You are totally naive about the real world!!! I feel sorry for you.
2011-08-10 11:24:13

how sad.
2011-08-02 05:57:11

110 and no airbag deploy? Time for a factory
recall BMW.
2011-07-30 09:37:34

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2011-07-21 19:06:58

Oh you knew this woman did you? You feel the right to judge her and everyone else based on your own warped view of the world? Easy to generalise everyone else as terrible people, makes being an areshole that much easier ey?

Of course there was no chance she had a caring and loving family and she was a caring loving person with the fullest of respect for life. That just wouldn't fit in with your view of people would it?
2011-07-01 00:51:09

Lead a life chasing money and objects and die like this. Who cares, humans lead pointless selfish lifes anyway. need to think about what's really imortant in life. for e.g. Family, respect, love, caring for eachother etc... We've got so dependant on money, that's why were fucked up.
2011-06-29 14:36:27

didn't die instantly you can see she's holding the rail. Photographing someone AS they die is just too low.
2011-05-17 16:48:10

wtf its hard man! hope I wont die like
that, just in my sleep or something, lol

and that girl was not ugly!,*didnt mean
that stupid, I have respect for all
those people who died this way.
2011-04-14 20:14:11

2011-03-22 09:31:05

hers last drink was a Tecate o_O
2011-03-02 06:24:35

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