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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Accident → Girl died in a car accident

This unhappy girl hit a light pole at the speedd of 110 mph while driving a BMW sport car. We want to believe she died instantly. It happened in August 2008 (San Paolo, Brazil).

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virgin mary
I hope that she went to heaven with our father HALLELUIYA
2009-08-05 17:30:08

that last picture is so scary!
William Grone u r sick!
2009-07-28 04:21:58

William Grone
Looks like she was cute. If I ever came up on a scene like that and there's nobody around... I'd stick her body in my trunk and quickly drive somewhere to fuck the shit out of her vag and ass one last time while her body is still warm and her vag will still moisten.
2009-07-18 15:53:37

Mentally disturbed person below me.... UGH!
2009-07-12 16:45:36

Mike Hunt
her body was still warm and tight so may have been good for a last poke, the lucky ambulance men, did you get a boner looking at her straining titz? I know I did, it's massive and throbbing!
2009-07-07 01:28:15

Some chick
Apparently she is cuckoo for cocoa puffs. :/

A little too cuckoo since she isn't wearing a seat belt.
2009-06-24 05:08:16

See what happens when you drink mexican beer!
2009-06-23 07:14:11

What a waste of a perfectly good beemer!!!!!!
2009-06-23 07:12:25

Just a girl
Okay, it's sad and all...but SERIOUSLY!! If she had just worn a freakin SEAT BELT she might still be living...I know a TON of ppl from HS that have been killed in car/motorcycle accidents, and they said if they had been wearing seatbelts/helmets, they would have most likely survived! PEOPLE...USE COMMON SENSE!
2009-06-21 04:29:35

She's like "I need a vacation"
2009-06-16 13:31:20

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