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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Accident → Girl died in a car accident

This unhappy girl hit a light pole at the speedd of 110 mph while driving a BMW sport car. We want to believe she died instantly. It happened in August 2008 (San Paolo, Brazil).

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Look closely at pic#1-close to the steering wheel,(R)side-an empty can of TECATE Beer!
2009-01-01 03:07:45

i hope she wasn't drunk.
2008-12-31 08:06:16

that's very sad
i hate when women are bein hurt. in this case killed.
as for you count nefaustus i would cut ur throat if a could for saying suchbullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2008-12-30 02:51:32

what a shame look at her shirt she was probley wasted and on coke...
2008-12-29 10:53:37

this girl die in mexico, and she was the co-pilot

Esa chica era de México, en Tamaulipas para ser más preciso, y ella no iba manejando el bmw, era un "junior", que andaba alcoholizado y chocó contra un poste afueras de un lugar donde venden maquinas para la agricultura y ganado, pero mas peor es que la chica era hija única
2008-12-28 09:55:27

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