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Monday, September 29, 2008

Crime → Chinese Cultural Revolution

The Chinese cultural revolution caused the death of more than 30 million people.

The Cultural Revolution was launched by Chinese Communist Party chairman Mao Zedong during his last
decade in power (1966-76) to renew the spirit of the Chinese revolution. The worst genocides of the 20th Century was considered to be in China during Mao Ze-Dong (Tibet 1949-1950, China 1958-1961 and 1966-1969) and was estimated between 49-78,000,000 murdered people.
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How can you be so sure Ture?
2011-02-27 20:53:21

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night long. We have a gay old time.
2011-01-19 09:51:34

una reverenda cagada
2010-11-22 04:12:14

in fact,this pic is an Evidence
of the Japanese massacre in Nanjing
it's not from 'chinese cultural revolution'
2010-11-17 03:20:29

we han chinese have had many bad rulers but it is not excusing history by ioata. the world should fear our stupid arroggance.
2010-09-27 05:59:59

you are fucking dipshit.mao.what are you?white damn shit.i curse you that you are about to be dead .
2010-09-18 17:29:23

中国人怎么了 you fuckin yellow monkey
2010-09-01 17:35:04

为什么中国人该死?Why did the Chinese death?
2010-08-26 18:24:51

Family Affair
we need new mao,fuck chinese
2010-08-24 21:22:07

Mike Moe
What a dumbass Mao is... Seig Democracy!!!!
2010-08-09 13:05:45

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