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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Accident → Girl got almost decapitated

This 23 years old lady had 80% of her neck slashed by a kite line when riding her bike in a freeway. She was still able to stop the bike by the side of the road and then collapsed to her death. She was carrying a female friend who nothing suffered but was taken to the hospital in shock.

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to Johny
really Johny? playing with a kite ON A FREEWAY???

moron it was intentional
2010-10-14 03:23:39

johny english
The kids playing with a kite were having fun, they would not of realised the potential danger, this is a first i have ever heard of ,just damned unlucky, vengefull feelings towards the kids are not helpfull.
2010-09-30 11:07:31

kill the brats
2010-09-01 01:51:09

That happend here in my city
2010-08-28 07:41:20

looks like helmets don't always do ya justice
2010-07-25 04:32:50

This happened in Brazil. How? The numberplate gives you the most obvious clue. SP Votorantim is nr Sao Paulo.
2010-06-05 19:50:35

I hope these kids are slit with a 12 inch knife to the throat from ear to ear
2010-06-05 19:43:16

hope whoever done that are caught and charged with murder
2010-05-27 10:23:45

We had some kids throwing bricks from a bridge onto passing cars. This was probably a similar prank... stretching kite string across a road to catch cyclists. I hope they charge the kids for murder.
2010-05-26 14:43:45

It takes a little while to bleed out. She would have been conscious upto 1 minute, and ware of her coming death
2010-05-26 14:40:23

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