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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Accident → Girl got almost decapitated

This 23 years old lady had 80% of her neck slashed by a kite line when riding her bike in a freeway. She was still able to stop the bike by the side of the road and then collapsed to her death. She was carrying a female friend who nothing suffered but was taken to the hospital in shock.

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lame comment before this
Yeah, dude..... that helmet things gettin' real old...........
2010-03-26 10:02:08

Dark Humor brought about by the irony that she was
wearing a helmet on a bike and then got herself into a
situation where the helmet played no part in saving
her life. If she hadn't worn it though, they would of
said that it might of saved her life.
2010-03-11 22:47:29

darn kids lol
2010-02-21 17:39:06

Damn, so close ..
2010-01-30 19:24:00

:( she is beatefull :'(
2010-01-27 21:53:00

Ohhh that was too bad
2010-01-23 05:27:17

what petro boy said is intresting... line cutters on bikes??
i mean, kids really put glasss shards on their kite string for kite wars lol
2009-12-25 13:39:17

the last picture, she looks really cute! xD
2009-12-17 08:08:29

Awosome story and yes it would be possable to stop the bike your musscles could be reacting to the last sent signal that was sent. or her friend was very good at hidding the knife in her purse.......^_^
2009-11-08 06:23:29

ban kite lines
2009-09-25 06:04:31

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