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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Accident → Girl got almost decapitated

This 23 years old lady had 80% of her neck slashed by a kite line when riding her bike in a freeway. She was still able to stop the bike by the side of the road and then collapsed to her death. She was carrying a female friend who nothing suffered but was taken to the hospital in shock.

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see fuck kites
2009-09-23 11:00:27

Lucky she was wearing a helmet
2009-09-09 22:01:36

A tragic scenario, that could have ended up a lot worse, but for the presence of mind of the fatally-wounded girl rider.
Despite her injury sustained, she still managed to control, and bring her bike to a stop, before succumbing to her injury; Thereby sparing her pillion passenger any serious injury or death.
I salute you, my farally-wounded Princess. A true heroine!. R.I.P.
2009-08-18 02:06:29

It happenned here in Sao Paulo state, Brazil. Young boys grind glass, mix with glue and spread the mixture in kite's lines, in order to take "kite wars" : the winner is who cut the others' kite line. Unhappily, a common accident in Brazil, where the bikers used to install "line cutters" in the motocycles, to prenvent that.
2009-08-13 03:19:56

I'm glad my mom talked me out of bikes when i was 17
2009-08-11 23:29:05

bikes are extremely dangerous.
this is a sigh to be carefull when you ride them
and helmets dont help for shit
2009-08-09 10:11:45

just a girl
that poor girl, she went out for a bike ride and this happens...
2009-07-17 06:51:08

Freak accidents are weird...
2009-07-12 16:38:29

well that's a bit unbelievable to me. you riding your bike at a freeway than a KITE LINE nearly decapitate you and after this you still have lifetime to normally stop your bike?? weird isn't it?
2009-07-07 15:59:42

hardcore 316
it looked quick.....not very painless tho
2009-07-04 19:49:09

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