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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging

This young woman committed suicide by hanging at her appartment.

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christain giving up.
i think im going to do the same.
2011-11-05 08:12:04

all of you talkin all that shit should
really be ashamed of yourself. i hope she
fucking haunts you for all your evilness.
2011-10-28 17:47:26

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2011-07-21 19:06:25

Forgot, she could be intersexed. It's sad
that people wish her death just because of
how she looks on the outside.
2011-06-19 03:28:55

Seems like she was transsexual. Sad death.
2011-06-19 03:28:03

death wish
well hope u found some kind of pease miss has life can suck serious rhino cock at times!
2011-06-13 20:45:31

i shuld hav fucked her b4 calling cops
2011-06-05 11:01:53

he hang himself because he realised that he couldn't take no more cock on earth,so stupidly he gone to hell where satan gonna push that long red fork up his candy ass!!
2011-05-14 02:49:41

2011-04-20 11:50:40

how the hell I found sickest pages ever?
2011-03-20 19:06:48

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