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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Accident → Is a dog really a man's best friend?

We don't think so!

This part of the human upper jaw with the left eye was found in the pit bull's stomach which deadly attacked those unhappy young woman.
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I keep one of those just so cunts stay away. Just so you bitches know, a dog is a man's best friend. Women can fuck off. Men can fuck me and my dog.
2011-10-28 05:30:25

Thats why I hate dogs I like cats better
2011-10-19 22:32:36

I was bitten in the fucking face by one of
those bastards. Was lucky to have only 12
stitches. Luckily by dumb luck the stupid
cunt got plastered by the grill of an 18
wheeler. Im happy :-) haha
2011-10-16 22:00:17

The Sarge
Theyd have to remove pices of the pit bull from my stomach if the little cunt had the nerve to try that shit on me
2011-10-09 03:01:41

thats what happens when assholes trian pit bulls its not his fault its the owners fault he was probly feeding him humans befora that
2011-09-26 23:53:06

poor dog
its fucking niggers fault the poor dog did this...its an animal, what do u expect...
2011-09-26 06:51:19

rajin ghola
no it all real piks thank cops
2011-08-13 13:29:55

rajin ghola
i think this dog is mad dog
2011-08-13 13:28:31

mad dog
i think this dog is mad dog
2011-08-13 13:27:49

2nd pic is fake!
2011-08-10 11:19:14

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