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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Accident → Is a dog really a man's best friend?

We don't think so!

This part of the human upper jaw with the left eye was found in the pit bull's stomach which deadly attacked those unhappy young woman.
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fuck dogs and fuck animal lovers
2010-12-06 20:11:53

heaps of people are killed by dogs every year,many more than wild animals(sharks,bears,lions etc)put together! all large breeds kill people
2010-12-05 06:42:35

I wouldn't fuck that... neither girl or dog :/
2010-10-30 06:38:24

Uhh hello people, it's obviouse he wanted his Kibbles & Bits and the bitch didnt deliver. Hell I'd bite someone too if I'm not fed. LOL XP
2010-10-28 08:03:33

@ Russian ->i don't believe the pictures are related...
2010-10-22 16:15:59

captainkrunch, you wanted to say the boyfriend did not BEAT her to death, but CUT half of her head with an axe, eh?
2010-10-17 22:25:01

I saw this pictures years ago and the story with it was that the boyfriend beat her too death. A beating is much more plausible looking at the injuries
2010-09-16 17:41:49

whatever, those fucking dogs are a fucked up breed, EVERYONE knows that. and besides she was MOST likely white trash because everytime i see these dogs anywhere a nigger is always at the other end of the leash
2010-09-01 01:49:13

Bullshit! THe second pic is fake! Why are some of these pix from fuckin movies on here?
2010-08-21 02:28:57

2010-08-18 05:00:44

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