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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Accident → Is a dog really a man's best friend?

We don't think so!

This part of the human upper jaw with the left eye was found in the pit bull's stomach which deadly attacked those unhappy young woman.
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pitt bull's suck
according to statistics pit bulls are the most dangerous breed of dog. Although I don't blame the pit bull, I do blame who ever was responsible for its aggressive behavior.
This is why I have a golden retriever.
2010-01-05 00:15:37

dogs are dumbass creatures
2010-01-02 04:51:54

Any dog or human that trains a dog to do this needs to have their dick cut off with a rusty nife then have their head slowly cut off with a dull wood saw.
2009-12-23 08:02:57

ok im sorry i cant resist im british eye eye what we got ear then you naughty man he he
2009-12-15 01:09:03

Phil, you are a moron.
Dogs, like kids, are a product of how they were raised and treated in their earlier years.
2009-12-07 00:37:36

I don't care what anyone says about Pitbulls.

All of them need to be put down...every last one of them.

It's like trying to raise a tiger or lion for a pet. It's just embedded in them to be vicious.
2009-11-18 06:15:11

someone raised that dog wrong.. dogs don't naturally
grow up to kill their best friends, pits love as well. this
one jus happened to be feed some gun powder.
2009-11-12 11:01:30

theyre best friends only when castrated i guess
2009-11-08 00:06:49

Rocolas cocacolas
that dog was hungry for real
2009-11-05 22:04:32

yea i side with the dog to
2009-11-04 23:53:52

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