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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Accident → Is a dog really a man's best friend?

We don't think so!

This part of the human upper jaw with the left eye was found in the pit bull's stomach which deadly attacked those unhappy young woman.
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Wake up people.pitbulls are bred to kill.they don't
have reasoning enough to kill other dogs and not
people.there are many cases like this.
2013-08-10 04:49:20

Stupid ass link,,,i have been raising pitbulls
about ten years,,,and ahy never seen a pitbull
swallowing a bone,,come on,,,be honest u guys
hate pitbulls
2013-05-18 04:37:17

Damien 666
Some dogs are just born evil not sayin the
pitbull is but mate it with the wrong dog and its
a recipe for disaster and dogs can bite threw
bone and looking at a pitbull it just looks evil
thats why people are so terrified of the id rather
be in a room with a serial killer than a vicious
pitbull cause atleast you stand a fair chance
against a serial killer
2013-04-15 17:58:27

this is a terrible terrible website
2013-03-21 00:33:38

I don't believe that piece of jaw is
real, dog's don't swallow bones and
there would be far more more damage to
the eyeball if it had been floating in
stomach acid. Also, pit bulls have been
bred specifically to be aggressive with
dogs and non-aggressive with people,
since in the dogfight pits the owner
would have to grab the dog out of the
ring. They have more than 300 pounds of
downward force in their jaw, stronger
than a crocodile, and that's the only
reason we hear about it when they do
bite. The chow chow, german shepherd,
golden retriever, standard poodle and
border collie are all more likely to
bite a human than a pit bull. That's
2013-03-21 00:32:43

it is....but not pitbull!
2013-03-16 14:18:42

You're Rigt On
100% Kiran. You're right on. I waork with dogs and there's a lot more sweet pits the aggressive ones.
2013-03-15 16:27:43

It's not dogs fault. The people who trained the dog
it's there fault for making him so damn dangerous.
2013-03-12 18:37:47

how is possible
2013-03-11 09:25:52

2013-03-02 14:51:58

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