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Sunday, July 8, 2007

War → Mujahideen destroy Russian helicopter in Chechnya (1995)

The First Chechen War was fought between Russia and Chechnya from 1994 to 1996 and resulted in Chechnya's independence from Russia. By one conservative estimate there were 7,500 Russian military, 4,000 Chechen combatant, and more than 35,000 civilian deaths.

Video: Download "chechens_destroy_helicopter.wmv"

Each action in Chechnya carries a price: $100 to kill a Russian soldier; up to $1,000 for an officer; and $5,000 to destroy a helicopter.

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Hey down there fuck western cutlure!
Allah was a pedophile and that's why you want to be like him no?
Why do you drive western cars suckhole?
2012-06-16 08:08:26

fuck western culture
whatever, i just say allah is great you so jealous?? what the hell is you mind? cuz you live in hater culture growup in fuck country,, :-p
2012-05-30 05:16:48

Fucking muslims
You know pokémon?

Muslims are the same, they all are allahu akbars.
They dont seem to able to say something else then that.
2012-05-08 15:47:54

nice job brave freedom fighters
2012-04-30 19:03:31

Haha my chech brothers,hamza.majahideen.
Good im speechless
2012-02-27 11:27:09

Triple killl wutwut
2012-02-04 00:58:04

man on this video is Khattab.
maybe this video is from Dagestan or Chechnya not from Afganistan
2012-01-20 23:08:58

I am not sure this is the right story for this video. I saw this video on a PBS special talking about the Afghan-Russian war. The crew did survive and the pilot of the Hind was a commentator on the program.
The video is free to watch on
2012-01-15 21:06:34

bravo bravo good shot
2012-01-10 04:02:53

2011-11-10 15:23:21

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