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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Accident → Piranha Attack

This man died of shock due to bleeding and severe pain as a result of piranha attack.

A piranha is a member of a family of omnivorous freshwater fish which live in South American rivers. In Venezuelan rivers they are called caribes. They are known for their sharp teeth and an aggressive appetite for meat.
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Caucasian motherfucker, couldn't take the pain, died of pain stroke or somthin.
2012-05-13 02:03:53

Just to follow up on the uptade of this subject matter on your website and would wish to let you know how much I loved the time you took to publish this helpful post. Within the post, you really spoke regarding how to really handle this concern with all convenience. It would be my personal pleasure to accumulate some more thoughts from your web site and come as much as offer other individuals what I discovered from you. Thank you for your usual good effort.
2012-04-28 05:32:33

holy crap that would hurt
2012-04-26 13:03:11

What a pussy...
2012-02-23 01:13:18

oh my
2012-02-14 02:40:31

2011-12-27 03:11:20

Hoooly SHIT!!!
2011-08-06 06:51:44

Now I know what to use for bait to catch
piranhas. Wonder what my ex-wife is doing
2011-07-30 09:24:07

water melon
2011-07-13 17:52:17

water vapor
2011-07-13 17:51:59

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