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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Accident → Beware..."Teddy Bear"!

This man worked for the Forest Service in Alaska... He was attacked by a bear.

That bear had killed a couple of other people... also his last meal was human.
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I say skin the bear alive
2009-08-08 21:46:54

yogis Innocent!
2009-08-06 15:16:07

That was the bears territory, you would kill a bear in your house, would you not? that bear must have been over 100 years old, now its a coat. fuck heads.
2009-08-06 01:08:33

mustafa sazak
what the fuck :S
2009-08-02 13:38:28

2009-07-12 22:53:28

Why didn't the bear get a trial? What happened to innocent until proven guilty??
2009-07-12 16:29:12

Jew Boy
He should be fined for feeding the bears.
2009-07-05 06:21:29

#Happy man

thanks for your comment, cuz we rly didn't see the dick ...
2009-07-03 20:55:34

ha fatto troppo il furbo
2009-06-17 17:11:21

that bear was killed in remote part of canada. not a man killer
2009-05-29 04:58:52

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