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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Accident → Beware..."Teddy Bear"!

This man worked for the Forest Service in Alaska... He was attacked by a bear.

That bear had killed a couple of other people... also his last meal was human.
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Too bad it wasn't the useless cunt Palin or anyone of her family...all I gotta say about that...
2009-05-10 06:38:14

You are an idiot, these pictures aren't related at all... The dead body is in russia the dead bear is in alaska... Pull your head out of your BF's ass and do some research about your pics...
2009-05-08 16:57:44

Perhaps the bear was just trying to hide in that dudes BUSH ffuuu- get a shave.

Oh wait.
2009-04-28 13:11:48

haha the leg still stands :D
2009-04-16 04:40:22

Happy Man
Well at the bear didn't bite his dick off..

(you can see his dick hanging in the first picture)
2009-04-13 13:21:08

Top pic has been circulating the internet for years. It has been the subject of countless different "e-mail forward" stories. Its true origin and correct context will likely never be known.

Bottom two images are unrelated to top image.
2009-04-11 07:55:49

What do bears have with eating legs? Watch Beer festival in Belgrade set of pics and the bear in the zoo eats the guy's leg too
2009-04-08 07:44:37

dan eggen
is he dead??
2009-04-07 16:55:18

your name
the bear only ate the leg cause when it was moving up the person shit himself the bear got disgusted went to a near bush to throw up then got shot don't worry Mr. bear ill avenge youuuuuuu haha
2009-04-04 09:08:13

" I think that bear stole my wallet!!"
2009-03-22 09:21:45

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