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Monday, October 6, 2008

Suicide → Uncontrolled tongue protruding in suicidal hanging

The dead female was observed to have a swollen and protruding tongue through her mouth. It was her fifth suicidal attempt... unfortunately got successful.

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2013-10-27 13:37:59

swing low sweet chariot 4
nobody's goin to drag u home
they should reuse her & hang
her in mexico in front of little
kids use her as a juicy pinata
when she BLOATS UP whack
her till she POPS!!!!
2013-05-05 13:14:03

Apparently if you do it right, the blood flow to your brain is cut off and you don't have time for the full chokey experience. I wonder what happened to make her this determined to die, to keep doing it after all those failed attempts... obviously, any pain she felt those other times and the instinctive fear that kicks in no matter how sad you are wasn't enough to make her not want to do it again. Obviously a long-term problem and not a bad week at the office. I hope she's in a better place now.
2013-04-05 04:06:19

Holy crap, those are the most beautiful snerkeas on the planet. How I envy you. What a great gift from your hubbie! Don't worry, I'm sure he isn't gay, he's married to such an attractive woman.May the force be with you.Emily
2013-03-23 05:42:59

all who kill themselves lose there souls bet she wish she dident
2013-03-04 09:29:59

Ted Bundy
Death solves all problems, except perhaps the one about looking pretty for the reporters.
2013-02-18 05:57:35

javed khan
Death can not solve all problems
2012-09-04 14:16:36

Wow I can't believe her... She was weak.
And she was coward running from her
issues. This is not the answer you guys.
2012-09-02 22:11:34

What you will get if you die instead of dying you
can solve the all issues cos this birth only your
daughter or son of your mom and dad and wife of
your husband and husband of your wife so pls
don't kill u by yourself
2012-08-27 14:44:35

life isn't worth living if you live in the
real world..
2012-07-04 12:02:26

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