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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Medical → Latest Obesity Statistics

USA Obesity Rates Reach Epidemic Proportions: 58 Million Overweight; 40 Million Obese; 3 Million morbidly Obese.

Here you can see a case of morbid obesity. Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life!

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A 30 year worldwide study PROVED that 99% of obese women are mentally retarded, on top of being extremely unattractive and unfuckable! We say "Save the food, air and water for those of us who work, pay taxes and are useful to society and eradicate these useless, worthless, unproductive, resource wasting, rafter snapping, bed busting, couch crushing, shock-absorber and suspension smashing landwhale retards who only strain and drain taxes!"
2020-11-06 12:10:47

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Where do I begin. My name is Ben and I have been dealing with my weight my entire life. Right now I weigh 489 lbs at 6 foot. Those who deal with obesity may relate to my struggle. It offends me when people who weigh 200 lbs worry about thier weight. I would love to be 200 lbs. As a child I grew up on a farm in Arizona. Both my parents were large people. When I was very young I talked to the cows on our farm. I picked up a very small piece of cow feces & played with it for a while, &, for reasons I cannot possibly comprehend, I put it in my mouth, chewed it & swallowed it. It was a gradual downward spiral leading into adulthood. By age 14 I was eating 2000 calories of cow feces & 5000 calories of mostly snacks & regular food(animal feces is often sterile). By adulthood I was eating 5000 calories of cow feces & 18,000 calories of mostly snacks. The hormones in the feces made me grow taller from 5' 8" to 6 foot. At 31 I was 596 lbs, currently I weigh 489 lbs
2017-05-14 12:20:02

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2017-04-22 07:09:00

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It would be interesting to study if there's a collaorry between the pets that are overweight and if the owners themselves have an excess weight problem. Part of the problem could be that portions are out of control-it is easy to free feed and not have to worry about it, but then you run the risk of the animal eating past their point of satiety, and then excess weight starts to occur. It was an eye opener for me the first time I measured out 1/4 cup of dry food for my cat (I feed twice per day). It's really not a lot of food when you think about it! My guess would be that people who eyeball and don't measure could be pretty off. This translates to our own diets, too.
2015-10-02 12:19:47

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