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Friday, October 10, 2008

Murder → Encased in Cement

The corpse of that murdered male was encased in cement. The only thing we know is that man was a drug dealer... and apparently the business went wrong.

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So this is where that episode of Bones came from!
2010-08-21 00:54:19

Dr. Veenerbrahten
One of these cans is not like the other, one of these cans has a dead... guy.. in it...
2010-07-29 11:32:06

Wordpress Themes
Amiable fill someone in on and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you on your information.
2010-07-24 08:54:58

looks like he's happy for what he takes haha
2010-07-06 12:44:20

how did they find it? it was in a fukin oil drum. n probly in the bottom of the ocean somewhere
2010-06-01 06:35:41



People sure do have some interesting ideas as to hide a body.
2010-01-30 19:39:54"

Damn right u are, this one is in my top 10 for sure, close to the perfect way of making sum1 dissapear...
2010-05-24 22:04:34

Mr. Jon
Canned ham.
2010-05-19 10:33:51

por cabron
2010-05-10 13:52:16

They should've dropped it in the ocean. No way he'd ever be found then.
2010-05-01 06:18:25

how did they manage to squeeze that fat ass in that
little barrel..fucking amazing.
2010-03-31 03:49:54

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