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Friday, October 10, 2008

Murder → Encased in Cement

The corpse of that murdered male was encased in cement. The only thing we know is that man was a drug dealer... and apparently the business went wrong.

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I always say 1 sand, 1 cement, 1 gravel.
2009-06-25 08:29:48

Last Pic: "SURPRISE! So'k guys I'm really fine. Fooled you big time though."
2009-06-25 03:17:30

Some chick
Huh... that's a pretty good Idea, Except I'd probably do something better, like chopping him up and putting him in a flower pot and put some fake roses in there and top it with that rubber water stuff. Totally inconspicuous. Or Maybe I'll repave the deck in my back yard. XD I'm so sick!
2009-06-24 04:29:53

Dread Fred
That will kill ya!!!
2009-06-12 15:53:46

2009-06-12 03:31:54

Fat pig. I long felt that while drug users should be rehabilitated ,the pushers should get the GALLOWS !
2009-06-11 21:41:26

shoulda burned the body in the barrel first and THEN poured cement in
2009-04-29 18:13:00


2009-04-28 13:08:08

"who's the dumass who was trying to hide this body, he probably paid ass loads for all that cement to cover up his fatass, whe he could have just rented a forklift and thrown him in a lake"

do you honestly think a barrel full of cement is a non sketch place to hide a body?? you suffer when you fuck over a drug dealer he was obviously buried alive
2009-04-15 23:43:34

I wonder if they checked his pockets for some drugs. I'd have bought them.
2009-04-11 04:15:29

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