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Friday, October 10, 2008

Murder → Encased in Cement

The corpse of that murdered male was encased in cement. The only thing we know is that man was a drug dealer... and apparently the business went wrong.

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Kill Da Chechen
did he survive?
2009-04-09 09:45:25

All drug dealers deserve for this punishment. They are very bad people, and they ruin the life of good persons by selling drugs.
2009-03-31 19:31:35

I can't believe this guy actually fits on that barrel, maybe it was a joke and the guy get stocked in till death XD
2009-03-27 05:19:07

Dangerous Dave
who's the dumass who was trying to hide this body, he probably paid ass loads for all that cement to cover up his fatass, whe he could have just rented a forklift and thrown him in a lake
2009-03-17 05:46:10

2009-03-09 06:30:21

Tony SOprano
Ya it was ne, so what?!
2009-02-27 16:10:20

i wonder how much cement they had to get a hold of to do this.
2009-02-27 04:42:19

Cement plz
2009-02-25 21:03:41

you deserve it mother fucker
2009-02-20 16:13:54

a large tin of luncheon meat please
2009-02-19 10:06:14

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