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Friday, October 10, 2008

Murder → Encased in Cement

The corpse of that murdered male was encased in cement. The only thing we know is that man was a drug dealer... and apparently the business went wrong.

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These murders took place in Mexico. The two
victims were not drug dealers but plastic
surgeons! They were murdered in retaliation for
botching an operation on Mexican Drug Lord:
Amado Carillo Fuentes "Lord of the Skies" -
Juarez Cartel! Amado was by far the most
powerful drug lord in Mexico, if not in the world
back in the 80's and late 90's. He died in '97
(some say murdered) while attempting to have his
face altered (plastic surgery) to avoid detection!
2013-02-13 22:29:01

You can be fat
Just don't die fat
That's embarrassing...
2013-01-24 13:59:13

There are 2 dead mofo's here, one from
each of the barrels in the first photo.
One put in barrel head first ,the other
ass first. Both dead at the time,
headfirst guy seems to be suffocated
with a bag over the nugget.
Assfirst looks like blunt-force trauma
to the body at least. your a sorry lot
of fucking retards.. the evidence is
clear as day for all of this + much the concrete is in layers
shows that the barrels where filled
slowly with a bucket and the 2 mofo's
did not move during this. time stamps on
photos..2 guys..figure it out yourself
RETARDS!! hahaah
2012-11-27 23:02:22

2012-10-18 18:47:20

2012-09-23 15:29:53

That is a pretty mild murder for a drug dealer in hispanic countires.
2012-08-20 01:08:17

the moral listen here is:

2012-08-17 03:18:56

nice how peppole turn up.
2012-08-06 19:58:58

/ August 18th, 2006, 6:40 pm / Thanks, Aaron. That was mainly my point. I'm not saynig bloodsport is desirable, or that I'd necessarily watch it. It's strictly a thought experiment to see what it would be like if people were free to take deadly risks not only for others but for their own gain. Every person does indeed have a price. Much as we don't like to admit it, a person's life can often be summed up in dollars and cents. That's what actuaries do, and an entire industry is based on those assumptions.People take huge risks in business, and if they lose out, they may lose a lifetime of earnings. No one blinks an eye at this, in fact it's considered courageous. ( No risk, no reward. ) But put your hide on the line, and suddenly you run afoul of social expectations. (Does that mean we value body over intellect?)We've got to take this idea of self-ownership seriously if we're ever going to grow up as a race.
2012-07-18 19:37:07

Death to drug dealers
This is what should happen to meth heads and there pushers i think he looks cute reminds me of a kinder surprise children toy he he he.
2012-07-12 21:44:11

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