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Monday, July 9, 2007

Fake → Autopsy of the pregnant woman

The autopsy is real, but she was not pregnant! And the baby was overlaid onto the original image.

Some people are having fun with making good quality fake images of gruesome events. We are going to put some of them on our website to make it clear.

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my son smail
2013-08-21 20:52:33

2013-07-19 09:42:52

I love this babies
2013-06-12 16:14:27

2013-04-30 06:22:51

No sensor
2013-04-06 18:42:05

fuck you DanaK racist son of a bitch.!!!
2013-03-28 05:41:05

It looks to me like Mexico. What do you expect, human rights and morality there?
2013-02-19 03:13:09

If people are photoshopping this poor gals
autopsy with an unborn child basically spliced into
it then I commend the site for shedding light on
2013-02-17 03:25:59

usgay jew bitch
This is outrageous how is a woman allowed to cark it this is clearly sexist i will be complaining to my local ombudswoman tsk tsk tsk.
2013-02-13 03:52:42

Indeacent meat
ooooowwwwwwwww poor baby. Happy snaps at the morgue maybe they liked the corpses figure and wanted a keep sake.
2013-02-13 03:46:05

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