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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Accident → Pregnant woman was kiled by a train

A pregnant woman who caught her foot in railway tracks was hit by a train and killed... but the most interesting fact was that the baby miraculously survived such traumatic abortion.

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What happened is fucking terrible everyone
making fun of her are evil!!
2012-12-27 03:55:31

cheap boots??
prob the type to shop at walmart with a
coach bag but k-mart shoes.
2012-12-19 06:55:35

jesus hates you
2012-12-19 06:54:29

HAHAHAHA Stupid Dead Child.

I HATE Kids.
2012-12-17 04:36:56


I like to know how smashed human body
looks like..
2012-11-01 14:57:36

u alll fckng shit people's making funzz of
other's death..i wish i could bcme satan
to give u all da hearty laugh of pain..i
pray u alll die in great n horrible pain..
2012-10-12 07:57:14

the miracle of death
traumatic birth.
2012-09-24 18:06:27

That's what ya get you fucking dumb ass... Mother
of the year goes to.... Not you........
2012-09-03 00:24:29

Happened in Mexico
2012-07-22 23:47:39

Hello,pregnancy can happen even with low moitilty of sperms,IT though depends on the rate of normally motile sperms and their forward direction.You can imagine this by knowing that only 200 sperms reach the tubes and cause fertilization,however,there are new studies that refer to the effect of foods rich in potasium on the mot. of sperms,its well believed that is acourse of these foods{as banana,cereals,milk,potato etc}of about 2 weeks is effective,do not forget the effect of sport in this field,medically,chorionic gonadotrphins or mesterolone can be used for this purpose,good luck.
2012-07-21 07:07:12

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