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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Accident → Severe car crash

We want to believe that man died instantly.

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I feel bad for this guy he looked like a
good man
2009-08-02 19:44:48

What type of car is that? I want to make sure I never make the mistake of purchasing an aluminum can....
2009-07-12 16:02:46

When he got to the hospital the doctor told him it would cost him an arm and a leg. He said "Help yourself."
2009-07-04 22:29:28

ma l'altri 3 pezzi?
2009-06-28 06:41:01

big pipes
He did not die at the scene, he died later in the icu, honest, my mother told me, she works in the hospital. She had to book him in and he was still breathing in reception, but he died as they were reattatching the steering column.
2009-06-24 23:48:14

Some chick
Smart car or not, he did a head-on with a fuckin semi!!! Air-bags certainly would not have saved him in this one...DX
2009-06-24 04:18:01

pretty sure he died instantly:P
2009-06-22 19:47:05

lol it looks like hes kickin himself in the face
2009-06-20 05:30:27

That Dude
Dude, Its a rav4..not a smart car, its just fucked up >.<
2009-06-14 08:43:50

Well, his head was smashed, I really think he made it to die at once.
2009-06-08 16:26:09

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