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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Accident → Smashed human body parts

This male's body was smashed by a truck.

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With all due respect to the deceased man, I seriously rofl'd at the piss poor coverup of the corpse by covering it with NEWSPAPER
2011-01-15 05:28:30

omg! i feel so sorry for him
2011-01-06 03:08:31

Big Torment
That is mega violent pictures.
2010-12-23 20:22:50

Beng Bureeetoh
damn those are some nice kicks!! sux fo
him/her =]
2010-11-29 07:22:46

HAHAA god damn,what the fuck XD XD
this is not asia, this is mexico
STUPIDOS hahaa check the truck across
the street, first word on side is
'mexica' also, the license plate, they
dont use NUB - besides no flip flops XD
2010-11-22 01:26:48

loraine forteza

may the lord god forgive those sinners who are not aware of their actions. be a god instrument not a devil slave.
2010-09-09 08:35:19

lourdes manalo
i want those driver to take slow and make sure their in the right way.don't be so stupid while driving your taking lives not toys!!!!!!
2010-09-09 08:32:25

louilla supetran
this is really terrible i couldn't imagine my self seeing this in reality. god help those victims send their souls in heaven.
2010-09-09 08:29:22

im taking his shoes
2010-09-01 06:34:47

did he die?
2010-08-18 02:18:40

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