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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bizarre → Baby Soup

The aborted baby herbal soup is getting popular in China to increase health and sexual performance. The cost of this soup is approximately 4,000 Chinese yuan.

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This is how we eat aborted babys in my house
then we have a gay sex party
2011-01-22 07:12:17

Chinese Fuck
Fuck All of u
2011-01-22 03:42:42

thats fucking sick!!!
2011-01-09 19:29:36

WTF !!!!
2010-12-30 16:23:48

Steven Ching Chang Chang Choy
To some eating a cow or a pig is disgusting. To some eating a snake or a lizard is disgusting to some. It is in the way you are raised and the way the animal was raised. The Dogs and cats that they do eat over their are raised in farm like environments, just like how you would raise a cow or a pig over here. It is not like we take our pets and eat them or our own babies. This baby never had life it is just mere flesh and why waist flesh if it is full of nutrients and protein and can fill up someones empty stomach.
2010-12-02 08:40:16

Jennifer Chung
I have heard about this soup, I have never seen it myself I thought it was a myth, but I heard from family members that recently had visited China in the past year told me that this did actually exist, and eating placenta is very common over in China. I have seen some westerners eat placenta as well. They say the baby soup is supposed to make you young again and increase your sex drive, but it seems like almost every taboo food item in the Chinese and Japanese culture seems to increase sex drive and make you young again.
2010-12-02 08:33:39

Steven Ching Chang Choy
Baby soup is a delicacy in China. It is mostly famous in Kanton, I visit their last year with my cousin and a local restaurant was serving this. They also had grilled human plocentas. The baby was too much for me to handle, I took a sip from my cousins bowl of placenta soup that he had ordered, it tasted like garlic and ginger almost like chicken soup, was a little spicy but the thought of the placenta being in their was too much for me to handle.
2010-12-02 08:26:32

Here I thought the most discusting foreign food was partially incubated duck embryoes!
"'Scuse me waitress, are the babies fresh today? or frozen?
Good for the sex life eh? Okay, WHICH one is supposed to eat it?
Beware the chinaman that WANTS to have a girl child!
2010-11-28 20:34:03

pinches chinos, son capazes de condimentar la mierda y comerla
2010-11-17 18:18:37

And American corporations outsource our jobs to these monsters!
2010-11-15 22:04:28

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