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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bizarre → Baby Soup

The aborted baby herbal soup is getting popular in China to increase health and sexual performance. The cost of this soup is approximately 4,000 Chinese yuan.

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Okay first of all.


To increase sexual performance.

Why the fuck would they need it if the bitches are only qonna qet preqnant and abort aqain.


Does ANYBODY in China have a fuckinq brain.!?

I'd slit all the fuckers' throats now if I could.

First animal cruelty and shit, sellinq abandoned children to others, and now eatinq babies.

WTF is next.?

2009-08-21 07:41:48

Give me a fuckn break.
2009-08-20 22:04:19

bastards of bodom
thats cuz the chinese are fucking savages, they should be wiped from the earth like the filth that they are, them and the jews and the arabs
2009-08-20 15:01:39

Does ANYBODY know of ANYTHING; beit animal, mineral or vegetable, that the Chinese DON'T actually eat!?.

I mean, come on!.
There's got to be something that's sacred, taboo or repulsive to them; that even they wouldn't touch with a chopstick!.

I'm at a loss...
I SERIOUSLY can't think of a f@cking thing!.
2009-08-20 11:06:37

bastards of bodom
to helle...

dude shut the fuck up the charonboat peope work very hard to bring freaks like us imagery of death, murder, rape and gore so we can laugh, comment, and have a little bit of fun, if u dont like the shit dont look at it, no1 is forcing you to, and just cuz u wanna be a fucking cumbucket about it doesent mean u should sit here and call the people who enjoy this kind of stuff as it should be enjoyed, racist, immoral, or anything of that nature and if u hate humans so much go fucking kill yourself, i personaly think the soup looks kind of tasty
2009-08-15 02:47:37

I like it with chop suey

2009-08-11 03:47:17

What the hell!Damn all the people who eat the baby soup, very immoral:(
2009-08-11 02:46:10

this is fuckin sick
2009-08-10 07:05:30

And shame on you charonboat! Get your facts
straight before you cause someone to be
lynched! Nevermind, you'd probably prefer that
so you could publish the pictures under another
phoney story. Shame on you!
Charonboat=officially boycotted.
2009-08-09 23:09:40

People are ignorant & in need of education.
2009-08-09 23:06:33

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