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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bizarre → Baby Soup

The aborted baby herbal soup is getting popular in China to increase health and sexual performance. The cost of this soup is approximately 4,000 Chinese yuan.

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Why the fuck chinese people gets in his mouth whatever fucking moves
2009-03-24 00:53:08

nippons men
oooh,chinese is sick.
2009-03-21 15:10:46

Dangerous Dave
know I want to put a baby in a blender and make soup
2009-03-17 05:40:32

This is so fucking sad, its sick, and inhumane!! I hate chinese people...Asians at that! All they're good for is eating fetuses and always having a pathetic proffession of Nails! I hate them they look swollen, and everytime they fuck, they sound like they're giving birth! lol Like wtf?? Overexaggerated bitches as if it honestly hurts that bad, or that pleasurable to have sex with their own men. (which have tiny dicks!) Fucking shit is crazy in here, danm they dont know what else to do anymore...They also cant get enough with the whole technology thing...Ok??? Like get over it short swollen fucks!!! This is truly disgusting, Poor baby man, thats terrible! Whats with you dumbass people here also making jokes about shit get a life!!!
2009-03-15 20:48:18

Canny Ball
Might as well eat them. It's a shame to waste good meat.
2009-03-15 19:15:38

I hope this isnt a secret ingredient in my favorite chinese dish.
2009-03-10 05:03:17

Is that legal in China?

I wonder if the babies they eat are their own kids or that of a stranger. there is a whole host of diseases that one could contract eating a fetus. I know it is cooked but..... well I guess if they are so stupid as to think it will do anything positive for them and so inhuman as to eat another human then who cares if they contract a disease.
2009-03-09 18:41:52

disregard that i suck cocks
2009-03-09 09:49:13

to joe ur people r bastard.,, ur face s like a shit... ur nothing but a fuckin` face of shit.... fuck ur mother n if u have a son thn do 8 2 him...
2009-03-04 05:57:43

rustom perez
yur so fuking shit
2009-03-04 05:42:56

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