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Friday, October 17, 2008

Bizarre → Baby Soup

The aborted baby herbal soup is getting popular in China to increase health and sexual performance. The cost of this soup is approximately 4,000 Chinese yuan.

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Fake. Student film project . Google-fu sure isn't
strong with you gullible bastards. This appeared
on years ago. On a side note, there
are indeed some places on Earth where food
prepared using fetus can be found, but it is very
rare ands pensive, and is generally donated
either by willing parents (they get a free abortion
and quite a bit of money). Human appendages
can also be had as food; one Japanese chef
undergoing sexual nullification served up a dish
created usin his own surgically severed penis to a
group of tourists who knew exactly what it was
and paid $2,000 USD for the privilege.
Interestingly, most countries do not have laws that
govern the willful consumption of human flesh
which had been willfully given. Cannibalism is part
of nature; most animals do it, and humans are
nothing but animals which posess "higher
2013-09-14 05:40:51

grossed out
this is nasty. why kill a baby and then eat
it? why kill anyone unless it was in self
defense? very sick.
2013-09-12 13:10:08

That is so disgusting. I recognize those
pictures. Only in China. That is just so

2013-08-04 08:19:55

chin killer
these fuking chinx smell nasty and USA should atomic bomb them all. Fuck Chinese pieces of smelly shit!
2013-07-24 03:44:29

Now this is fake. It was a chinese students
project done with movie effects.. google..
2013-06-27 21:18:11

Mr X
China and human rights really dont go together at all.
There is sickness the world over but this type insanity (if it is real) really does take the biscuit.
2013-06-26 16:24:37

mr vomit
broawrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2013-06-26 00:30:27

fu ma chu
that is how we should see the red ching chongs they put poison in their own people's food supply eg the plastic in the milk etc etc so they can make a profit at the cost of children's life's fuck red fu man chu scum.
2013-06-07 06:22:16

placenta pie
yum yum with a side dish of embryo soup.
2013-06-02 13:37:45

Absolutely vile!!!
2013-06-02 06:24:16

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