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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Murder → Dismembered corpse of the prostitute

Apparently this unfortunate prostitute girl was murdered by a serial killer. Then the murderer dumped her naked dismembered corpse in the river.

Prostitution is a kind of a risky job. There is a quite high chance to deal with a serial killer.
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Steve Bannon
I hate cartels.
They're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime.
And some, I assume, are fucking faggots like
2017-12-05 11:25:13

She was the girlfriend of a Mexican drug
2017-08-14 03:23:11

The killer must one day die to hell
2017-07-05 19:49:06

This is my favorite website.
2016-09-19 18:17:47

Bo Bendtsen raped me supposedly for hacking. He accused me of 'hacking' but I wasn't.

He beat me badly. I tried to fight back but he was way too strong. I yelled in agony as he forced his penis in my anus. The sheer size of his penis made me bleed rectally. Then he pulled out and forced me to take his bloodstained penis in my mouth. I gagged as his blood and feces stained penis touched my mouth. He made me suck until he ejaculated. He would not stop beating me until I swallowed his semen. Afterward I vomited so hard for probably more than an hour.

Bo is a very dangerous man
2016-08-11 20:08:48

I got to this website by accident.

The things I've seen here have left me feeling utterly sick with nausea & dizzyness.

!!!This site is an abomination & Bo the administrator scares the living shit out of me!!!
2016-07-20 04:11:16

She's the girl friend of a Mexican narco-traficante...Her mutilated body has been found on a roof...not in a river. (Source: La prensa del narco).
2016-06-28 02:06:49

if u want peace must watch on YouTube [ azan786islamicinvite]
2016-05-26 13:26:56

yup its true crime is not a joke
2016-05-22 20:35:51

people hava to think what they r doing it is not a joke what if this happen to ur girlfriend or ur sister
2016-05-22 20:34:56

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