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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Murder → Dismembered corpse of the prostitute

Apparently this unfortunate prostitute girl was murdered by a serial killer. Then the murderer dumped her naked dismembered corpse in the river.

Prostitution is a kind of a risky job. There is a quite high chance to deal with a serial killer.
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After studying this pic a while,I can tell it isn't real actually.Decent done with photoshop,but not real.
2012-04-05 10:54:15

Pretty sure it was in a Mexican border
2012-04-03 07:18:10

mexican drug lords
rivil drug lord killed the other drug
lords girlfriend something like that

That's what I remember reading about
this as well when it first hit the net
eons ago.
2012-04-03 07:16:30

She deserved it for being a dirty slut.Her pubic hair had started to grow.
2012-03-24 15:52:02

marcos commando
person who did this should be torn apart alive by throwing him in a cage of hungry african lions...alive...
2012-03-20 16:59:06

yes i am hars in both ways she got a punishment and the killer should be burnt alive the thrown in to acid
2012-03-19 19:25:35

she is a whore she died like a whore i don<t see whats wrong
2012-03-19 19:19:34

The trick is to keep them alive and bandage the wounds up to let them heal.
2012-03-16 16:49:58

i shouldn't say my name
this is really wrong,,, who ever killed
this poor women, i bet she only did this
to have a little money to help her self a
little bit,,, tat person should go to
hell,,, that is really wrong
2012-03-09 02:15:56

With five easy slices!!
You're in six lovely pieces!!
Bodily dismemberment!!
As passion increases!!
2012-03-06 16:56:52

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