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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Murder → Dismembered corpse of the prostitute

Apparently this unfortunate prostitute girl was murdered by a serial killer. Then the murderer dumped her naked dismembered corpse in the river.

Prostitution is a kind of a risky job. There is a quite high chance to deal with a serial killer.
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Sluts deserve this shit!
2009-06-19 20:45:20

a prostitute and a Drug Dealer's girlfriend r the same thing and if ud still fuk her ur sik fukin necrophiliast dnt comment me on my fuking wording i dont care about spelling
2009-06-16 23:34:43

her tits r small and she has no hair fukin a she looks like a dude
2009-06-16 23:31:26

"u may call me....greg
awww shes so cute, all choped up lik that " fukin siko
2009-06-16 23:30:44

no such thing as a "cute pussy" fukin wierd ass fuker
2009-06-16 23:29:51

whoever says this is fake give me a better reason than Magnum F'n P.I. because in the first 1 they ddnt hide it even if they did its a real dead person dumbass also how do u kno she wouldnt look that good r u a serial killer that does this and studies ur own shit? btw fuk u Paul R Wilson sayin u have no respect for people with body piercings so wat? it doesnt matter shes a fuking person.
2009-06-16 23:28:32

Magnum F'n P.I.
totally fake. you can tell cuz they do a poor ass job at hiding the arm stubs under the "blanket."

also, no f'n way a body pulled out of a river looks that good. bitch looks like she just stepped out of a steamy shower. gimme a break.

thirdly, it's quite obvious why the limbs are missing. it's SO they can keep her looking hot, while still portraying the 'dead' factor by having her dismembered. see, if she was just a fully body hot chick covered in water droplets it would be even more obviously fake. they practically HAD to shoop her arms/legs off.

LAME... next.
2009-05-31 08:36:02

She looks hot, I would do her.
2009-05-29 06:39:19

Paul R Wilson
I just noticed - she had a piercing. Why ? I have no respect for people into body piercing.
2009-05-26 14:50:28

Paul R Wilson
If you know of anybody who is into prostitution, please warn them ! Serial killers or dissatisfied deve johns have murdered prostitutes. Also there's something really wrong if a woman feels compelled to seek employment this way.
2009-05-26 14:48:37

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