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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Medical → Nut on... the "bolt"!

"Bolt" is the Russian slang for a penis. But in this case the nut was quite narrow.

A mechanic spent more than one hour to gently cut this nut to remove it from the sexual pervert's penis.
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a real FUCK NUT!
2010-01-09 07:59:16

haaa funny
2010-01-05 12:35:42

This gut looks like he likes pain and humiliation. Some go even further like cutting up their junk. Really sick folks.
2009-12-20 07:01:06

His cock looks like a slug!
2009-12-07 00:14:46

From Russia
Ha ha ha, i am see it is 10 years ago:)
2009-11-26 07:51:28

Looks like a lube job gone very very wrong.
2009-11-24 08:19:00


Never - in my 36 years have I ever thought of putting a nut around my dick. Just hasn't crossed my mind.

I never really thought of odd placed to stash my junk into other than a womans' body.

2009-11-18 07:03:39


What an asshole! He deserves it.
2009-11-02 19:51:18

I'd have to agree with Liddy on this one. What the heck was this guy thinking? And it seems to happen pretty often.
2009-09-07 23:44:32

lmao liddy is fucking hillarious!! u boys r just sad cuz its sooo true!!! haha
2009-08-18 23:01:05

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