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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Medical → Nut on... the "bolt"!

"Bolt" is the Russian slang for a penis. But in this case the nut was quite narrow.

A mechanic spent more than one hour to gently cut this nut to remove it from the sexual pervert's penis.
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lmao liddy is fucking hillarious!! u boys r just sad cuz its sooo true!!! haha
2009-08-18 23:01:05

liddy is a fucking troll
2009-07-21 01:01:44

Liddy! What about the bitch with the fucked up tits right above this? Girls do dumb shit too!!!!!
2009-07-19 17:33:12

jew boy
penisman, you are a dick
2009-07-17 08:36:14

liddy ur a hoe
2009-07-14 09:44:59

Yet another idiot male sticking it's penis where it doesn't belong... Idiot!
2009-07-12 15:52:20

>.> why would someone ever do that this is worst than one guy and a jar video
2009-07-07 15:41:01

lol bifflogirl92 he must of had a really thin penis and was tying to make it appear bigger. Poor bastard!
2009-06-23 14:23:23

talk bout some blue balls (i know there black) that will hurt for a while lol im wonderin how he got it on there in the first place
2009-06-20 05:28:22

big pipes
shoot him NOW
2009-06-11 14:09:05

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