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Monday, October 20, 2008

Executions → Shot of the year!... China (2008)

This is the public execution of drug dealers in China. Here you can see how the Chinese Police Executor blew those unhappy Chinese female's brains out with his AK-47 assault rifle.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life! Article: Execution of Drug Dealers in China

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A powerful police system is the
opportunity of Chinese people to
excecute these f crazy drug sellers, we
are proud of our lowest drug sell
quantity of the world and USA will
suffer from the drug for their damn
2018-09-27 10:44:11

I'm not sure but I think someone is talking about the person reading this, probably you
2018-07-17 18:17:18

что делают на сайте пидары
2017-10-22 07:34:56

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Володя буду рад поболтать на интимные темы звоните все
2016-10-01 12:18:33

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Eric the DarkLord
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2016-08-26 03:00:39

Nancy Diamond
Curious about deaths
2016-07-08 23:40:45

Nancy Diamond
2016-07-08 23:39:42

France should do same things in
2016-02-21 03:03:19

The Laughing Man

why did she cry when that woman died

A wonder is a curious thing to know
what it is, to sift through grey
matter to find the "spark"
no one tells you or prepare you for
the terrors of what lurks
they simply shrug it off, all the hate
and anger you share for them its no
wonder why they resent your very being

no matter they will die as so will you
and i
it matters not what you have to say or
all what matters is that you will fade
out and return to the void
de-atomize and expel into the universe
from whence you came
2015-10-03 04:59:03

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