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Monday, October 20, 2008

Executions → Shot of the year!... China (2008)

This is the public execution of drug dealers in China. Here you can see how the Chinese Police Executor blew those unhappy Chinese female's brains out with his AK-47 assault rifle.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life! Article: Execution of Drug Dealers in China

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1. The guilt sign on her chest is written right-->left, indicating that the pictures are of some age.

2. Seeing as the sign says "murderer", I'd say its probably that which she gets her brains blown out for, and not for being a drug dealer...
2010-04-09 16:27:07

There are better ways to punish such woman, without wasting her...
2010-02-25 00:56:59

the brit:reply to zhong djan
yes your slantednes im british so dont
you knock the USA.
id rather a country end up like my
american cousins any day than a medieval
insane backwater full of sex mad idiots
like your beloved china
2010-02-24 23:23:37

toecap:reply to don
nobody disputes what bastards they are
with their myriad death penaltys
but when your a poor english man in your
own country who relies on cheap pies
then maybe you wudnt be so forgiving of
these ignorant chinamen/women who come
here from elite communist familys and
knock you out of the way at food stalls
and try forcing you into the road when
they come down a pavement 5 abreast
2010-02-24 23:16:17

pity they dont do it over here in the uk
when chinese students blatently steel
shopping trolleys from supermarkets to
take the shopping bak ome or maybe i cud
ave em shot 4 always bieng the first
ones to get near the reduced food
counter at morrisons the ignorant
2010-02-24 23:09:02

Not bad for the start!It is the only way
to stop destroying a HOMOS APIENS!!!Some
fuckers make millions on drugs if you
thin kwhat damage thay make in a next(or
any)generation)this is only a maped show
what is so posed to be dun on the world
abaut this.The demokraci stoping to do
this.Big mistake!!!Later will find
aut.That s only way to deel with a
situacion!Cheap an efective!
2010-02-22 20:25:47

ali nü
2010-02-20 23:44:02

这都是过去了,现在改注射了,看上去人 道些!...
2010-02-11 08:01:31

ddDDD dD
2010-01-27 11:27:43

Incredibly stupid and ignorant imbeciles have the unfortunate "freedom" to express their views on the net - along with a load of swamp life with an "I'm all right Jack!" attitude.

The images are of the execution by China of a Tibet political prisoner. Well over 300,000 such executions have taken place. Meanwhile, stay ignorant and eat your happy meal.
2009-12-29 19:56:48

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