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Monday, October 20, 2008

Executions → Shot of the year!... China (2008)

This is the public execution of drug dealers in China. Here you can see how the Chinese Police Executor blew those unhappy Chinese female's brains out with his AK-47 assault rifle.

Thank you for visiting! Take time to appreciate life! Article: Execution of Drug Dealers in China

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China should revise the punishment think
about the children of the dealer,have the
chinese authority investigated why people
are involved in that business?please think
about it that is not a solution.
2012-07-17 14:22:55

Chinese usally use T56 instead of AK47. T5 is the chinese made AK47
2012-07-08 21:27:23

The world should of let the Japanese
continue their Nanking massacre and not of
2012-06-29 01:22:56

Earth Is Hell
2012-06-04 05:52:54

Hey hey!
hahaha hell yeah shot of the year! many fucking shots...
2012-05-19 00:38:37

sick bastard
I' m not a racist but why the fuck all Asians have those crappy faces? Kill them all and then burn their bodies.Sent them to HELL.
2012-05-17 18:19:32

that bitch is harcore, she dont give a fuck. she said she's commin for them faggot niggas's nutz. ALL THIER NUTZ. she's gonna pluck her some NUTZ, NUTZ, tiny ass chinnesse lookin NUTZ.
2012-05-13 01:47:19

i am astonish and shocked
2012-05-02 10:00:41

She's a 故意杀人犯(Deliberately murderer)
2012-04-22 06:55:49

i can imagen if i was like him what will i fell
2012-04-15 15:27:13

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