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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Accident → Accidental drowning

This woman drowned and was submerged for seven months. Here you can see "wet" adipocere formation throughout nearly all fatty tissue in her body.

Adipocere or grave wax or mortuary wax is the water-insoluble material consisting mostly of saturated fatty acids. It is formed by the slow hydrolysis of fats in decomposing material such as a human cadaver by action of anaerobic bacteria. The transformation of fats into adipocere occurs best in the absence of oxygen in cold and humid environment, such as in wet ground or mud at the bottom of a lake or a sealed cask, and it can occur with both embalmed and untreated bodies. Corpes of infants and overweight persons are particularly prone to adipocere transformation.
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2012-05-18 03:42:05

I doubt she was in the water for 7 months
2012-04-29 01:30:52

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2012-02-25 16:34:34

@ jean - your sick dude, should get some help asap !
2012-02-23 01:03:51

and I was thinking I'm sick.
just LOVE ur comments guys. :)
2012-02-16 17:49:07

jane orro
oh dear god what brute
2012-02-16 05:14:38

what a accident
2012-02-06 06:23:50

her pussy needs a good lick out
2012-01-05 20:04:36

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