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Friday, October 24, 2008

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging at the hospital

This female was suffering from major depressive disorder... and hung herself in the psychiatric hospiatl ward. Her hanged body was discovered only in several hours as you can see on her postmortem livedo.

Postmortem livedo (postmortem hypostasis, postmortem lividity, postmortem suggillation) is a purple coloration of dependent parts, except in areas of contact pressure, appearing within 30 minutes to 2 hours after death, as a result of gravitational movement of blood within the vessels.
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2012-01-10 18:36:28

what a waste . id love to have fucked her.
2012-01-05 20:06:03

The part of the brain that embraces death &
violence is right next door to the part that controls
sexual desire. There's a site called that support people like you. It's
weird, but there is. I'm pretty sure they steal there
pics from THIS site... but you'd find some support
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Good luck with your dreams of being a mortician.
2012-01-01 23:24:28

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I would fuck her pussy until she went crazy and
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2011-11-21 05:38:42

duh i wouldnt fuck my fam dumb ass
2011-11-03 21:27:29

Ya seriously. You guys have NO sense of humor what so ever. I'm pretty sure if it was one of yalls family members you wouldn't be saying stuff like that. So respect.. if yall know what that is.
2011-10-13 16:44:34

what a fine piece of ass DAMMM
2011-09-02 17:55:17

heywood jablomi
id hit that
2011-09-02 17:54:22

First off, may she RIP...but for fuck sake, Barbituates are way less agony, make a prettier corpse and keep at least some moved on; your loved ones have not!!!
2011-08-29 23:27:09

2011-08-01 15:56:54

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