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Friday, October 24, 2008

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging at the hospital

This female was suffering from major depressive disorder... and hung herself in the psychiatric hospiatl ward. Her hanged body was discovered only in several hours as you can see on her postmortem livedo.

Postmortem livedo (postmortem hypostasis, postmortem lividity, postmortem suggillation) is a purple coloration of dependent parts, except in areas of contact pressure, appearing within 30 minutes to 2 hours after death, as a result of gravitational movement of blood within the vessels.
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ha! thats what she gets for being a retard
2011-05-05 05:09:59

lol be lol
2011-03-18 20:07:25

what a tragedy
2011-03-17 19:28:20

Awwhh.. Man That Looks Like A Guy Broke
Her Heart After A Beak Up Or Something,,
2011-03-16 02:46:22

she is fucking ugly , glad she suicide
2011-03-02 10:06:12

What a sad and cruel comments. Why?
2011-01-21 13:33:28

Hey, girl , why don't you have a smile ?
We all are kind human people watching your limp body dangling and swinging round.....So be kind and repectful for us ! You seem to be sulking ! There is no point in doing so !We can't even see if the cord has given you a nice , purple, swollen face and protruding tongue since you're looking at the floor !
2011-01-12 11:03:48

real fucker
she s hot if she was alive i would have fucked her as hard as i can.....
2011-01-10 12:11:18

Really seems fed up with watching TV....
2011-01-02 15:10:04

paulie b
u lot of sick pricks; hide in your bedrooms;
2010-12-09 01:10:50

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