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Friday, October 24, 2008

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging at the hospital

This female was suffering from major depressive disorder... and hung herself in the psychiatric hospiatl ward. Her hanged body was discovered only in several hours as you can see on her postmortem livedo.

Postmortem livedo (postmortem hypostasis, postmortem lividity, postmortem suggillation) is a purple coloration of dependent parts, except in areas of contact pressure, appearing within 30 minutes to 2 hours after death, as a result of gravitational movement of blood within the vessels.
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I guess she wanted to look good in hell
2009-11-11 23:45:41

The Little Black Dress. Perfect for any occasion.
2009-11-08 04:42:56


Shows the liver mortis on her legs. Looks real to me.
2009-10-31 20:23:55

"Nurse...another dead tryin to watch tv"
2009-10-14 14:28:33

Who cares
What's on TV tonight?

Some stupid chick again.
2009-08-27 19:23:55

El Diablo
If it's real then it's very sad. Just wondering why her left leg is bent, and why she is wearing an evening dress, watch and other bling. Seems odd for someone in a psychiatric hospital. I think there is a different story here.
2009-08-15 21:36:36

she was fat, she deserved to die
2009-07-21 00:55:29

She was hanging there for a long time, all her blood had ran to her extremities.
2009-07-12 15:47:40

biff would you shut the hell up you stupid beast? your comments suck. go back to ur bondage threesomes
2009-06-25 02:46:33

hey she used the tv cord.... its like hey bitch i was watching that lol
2009-06-20 02:32:20

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