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Friday, October 24, 2008

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging at the hospital

This female was suffering from major depressive disorder... and hung herself in the psychiatric hospiatl ward. Her hanged body was discovered only in several hours as you can see on her postmortem livedo.

Postmortem livedo (postmortem hypostasis, postmortem lividity, postmortem suggillation) is a purple coloration of dependent parts, except in areas of contact pressure, appearing within 30 minutes to 2 hours after death, as a result of gravitational movement of blood within the vessels.
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2013-12-22 12:49:40

straight to HELL
2013-11-05 20:15:14

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2013-10-27 11:30:57

What a waste. It is always so tragic when women die young. It feels a lot worse, because women are so valuable.
2013-09-13 16:41:59

oh god
2013-08-23 21:07:51

Well then, everything wkoerd out! (grin)@Pete(Detroit)- It's my fault for getting this whole subject started (Mrs. Jarlsberg is unamused by the entire direction of today's comments), but as long as we're discussing postmortem tent-pole syndrome, apparently some of the processes which occur after death can cause internal pressure to be rise in a number of bodily tissues... including the male member. In fact, the decompositional gasses may not only inflate the reproductive apparatus but, in severe cases, cause it to explode. Which, considering the Howitzer under that sheet, could be genuinely dangerous.@Moronpolitics- "The Search for Osama 3D!" I wish I could say this would never become a movie, but now that you've mentioned it I think it's pretty plausible!
2013-06-29 16:50:30

Looking at all these dead/hanged people that died on their own hands makes me so glad that I didn't end up in their fate...shit forreal. No matter HOW depressed I get, I will NEVER take my own life. My trials and tribulations are just gonna have to strike me as hard as it wants, i'll make it through strong. Glad I got past all my suicidal thoughts because I wanted to hang myself too and ironically the suicidal thoughts started running through my head the same year this beauty in this picture died 2008. I can't picture hanging like that until my neck snaps and I lose my oxygen and hurt the people that I love, let alone make a bad name for myself.
2013-06-11 03:27:36

she aint in no hospital becuz she would not be dressed up all pretty but its whatever. I just know she looked good and could have been used once more for a good round for sex. she probably was so blinded by her depression that she aint even see her own beauty and dat fuckin sux man but r.i.p mami
2013-06-11 03:21:06

Lubert Butte
Okay we all know she was very sexy and i'm not going to even lie because her being that sexy but hanging herself drove me here. Being a little confused on why a nice woman like her would kill herself, I still can't say anything like "Aww why in the hell would a hot peace of ass like you do it to yourself" because I don't know the whole story...neither of us do. I just want all of you to just have respect upon her death and not look at the way she went out as "cowardly" or "her being a so-called fat hooker so she deserved to die" crap...because its all bullshit...things happen in life. May she rest in peace and God have mercy and understand her situation. R.I.P hottie
2013-06-11 03:17:29

damn she was fine as hell. why would you kill yourself baby? a fine Mexican, thick girl like you with the bling bling could have been with a real man. we need to expand our black & brown relationships ya know :(
2013-06-11 03:10:54

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