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Friday, October 24, 2008

Suicide → Female suicidal hanging at the hospital

This female was suffering from major depressive disorder... and hung herself in the psychiatric hospiatl ward. Her hanged body was discovered only in several hours as you can see on her postmortem livedo.

Postmortem livedo (postmortem hypostasis, postmortem lividity, postmortem suggillation) is a purple coloration of dependent parts, except in areas of contact pressure, appearing within 30 minutes to 2 hours after death, as a result of gravitational movement of blood within the vessels.
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* there're
2013-01-19 05:53:38

So Josh Moreno, I guess when all the girls get
dressed up are prostitutes?
2013-01-19 05:52:42

Josh Moreno
I know this happened in Mexico. This did
not happen in a hospital, was in a motel.
She was not sick, was a prostitute. You
can tell by the clothes he wears.
2013-01-16 03:12:57

love it
2012-12-13 10:26:07

this is so sad.
i wish i can do so much for them
2012-11-16 17:36:49

lolz amazing ward if people still can suicide... btw her grin is quite funny
2012-10-16 00:13:52

i like this type image & video
2012-10-15 15:07:31

Everyone blames victims, condemning them endlessly. Do you realize this sick souless society corrals them to this conclusion through blame, set-ups, lies and mis-diagnosis. Start taking responsibilty for your evil motherfuckers!
2012-08-28 03:00:39

Good thing she didn't pull the TV down. They would have had to buy another one.
2012-08-17 00:21:12

2012-08-04 22:25:32

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