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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Accident → Two Korean school girls killed in Armored Vehicle Accident

On June 13, 2002 the two 14-year-olds - Shin Hyo-sun and Shim Mi-son - were run over by an armored vehicle on a narrow road north of Seoul on their way home from school. The incident attracted national attention.

"The girls were crushed by the right track of the 54 ton tank. Sergeant Walker stopped on top of the girls, then backed the tank off..."

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typical American arrogance.
2015-07-19 02:55:26

@18 seki USA

That's fucking bullshit of course
there was an apology, you fuck!

I was stationed in Suwon AFB and I had
to take a 5 day driving course in 2011
because of this accident.
2015-06-17 08:01:19

18 seki USA
armored vihicle (US army, not korean army)
but there was no apology
fuckin US
2015-01-31 02:44:19

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2014-07-09 13:20:03

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